Our Services


We offer assembly free of charge for all grills, wheel barrows and table saws.

Screen Repair

Windows and Doors.


Free local delivery.

Paint Recycle

Bring in your old paint cans!


We can re-key most popular lockset brands.

Fluorescent Lamp Recycle

Drop off your used old fluorescent light bulbs and lamps


Exchange your empty tank with a full one.

Gift Cards

Ask us about gift cards!

Pipe Threading

We offer pipe threading from ½” to 2”.

Glass/Plexi Cutting

We can cut ⅛” single strength glass or plexi-glass to your dimensions.

Battery/Cell Phone Drop Box

Just ask us where the box is and you can drop them right in.


Bring in your key and we’ll tell you if we can duplicate it.

*Cannot do Chip Keys

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